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After emailing for a while, the next stage is to talk.You may use phone, with the growth of social media, you may prefer to use video calling on Skype, Google , or Facetime on Macs.Once again, general reasons are kinder: “I’ve liked talking with you, but I don’t sense a spark between us, and I’d like to leave it at that for now.” If you know by the end of the call that you’d like to take things further, then say so.The lack of face-to-face contact means that encouraging signals have to be clear, or one of you may assume that it’s a non-starter and so back away.If you are on a first phone call, suggest another one fairly soon – and then follow up with a positive email within 24 hours.If you’re two or three phone calls in, it may be time to suggest a meeting.If you do get that sort of email, once more console yourself with the thought that the more ‘no’s you get in online dating, the closer you are to that ‘yes’.Many people and especially men, treat their first call to a woman that they just met and got a phone number from as a pure technicality – a brief, plain conversation during which all they need to do is to set up the time and place to meet for a date.

Strike a balance between what you’re going to talk about and what you’re going to ask about – there needs to be an equal flow of question and answer, of speaking and listening. If your memory is not good, or you are talking with more than one ‘front-runner’, it can be helpful to jot down some notes.If you have a great time talking on the phone, laughing, teasing each other, exchanging ideas that you both care about and finding each other’s company interesting on the phone, the benefit of such a conversation will be two-fold: first, you will already be interested and even attracted to each other since you have already enjoyed talking to each other which is a big part of romantic interest; secondly, by having a fun telephone conversation, you will have already “broken the ice,” so that your first date will likely be free of that typical awkwardness where two strangers are meeting and talking to each other for the first time.This will make things easier and more fun for both of you.Six to ten email exchanges (3-5 from each of you) is a good rule of thumb.Plus, as we mentioned, if you think someone you are communicating with online is a real possibility, it’s better to do speak in person sooner rather than later.

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You will already be more comfortable with each other when you meeting in person because… On the other hand, if the first phone conversation doesn’t go very well, and if you have nothing to talk about, you will likely not enjoy each other’s company in person either, and therefore you are probably better off not wasting each other’s time and you should not meet at all.

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