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I talked to a guy online yesterday and he said the reason he did not post a photo is because he did not want his divorced ex to find out that he uses to find dates.His ex already remarried, she met her new husband through friend's friend/ I simply dont get it.People who scored highly in both measured and perceived intelligence tended to avoid pink, purple, and red in their profile images.Their pictures were usually less diversified in color and more clear in texture, had fewer faces, and contained less skin area.

You’ve even judged strangers who disagree with you in the comments section by their chosen profile photos.

They also exhibited higher chromatic purity, featured people smiling and wearing glasses, and positioned faces at a proper distance from the camera.

The overall effect was to make the subjects look intelligent no matter how smart they really were.

“Our results show that humans use inaccurate stereotypes to make biased judgements about the perceived intelligence of the person who uses a profile picture,” concludes the study.

They “also indicate that the choices that users make of how to present themselves in their profile picture are reflective of their measured intelligence.” In other words, it's time to delete that blurry group shot you took at Burning Man.

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You've been told not to judge a book by its cover, but let’s face it: online dating is one big library and you have no intention of reading most of the books.

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