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Success as a pirate ship depended on these men carrying out their tasks efficiently and supervising the men under their command.

The Caribbean was a great place for pirates: there was little or no law, there were plenty of uninhabited islands for hideouts, and many merchant vessels passed through.

It should surprise no one that many would willingly choose the more humane and democratic life on board a pirate vessel.Not all of the Golden Age pirates were uneducated thugs who took up piracy for lack of a better way to make a living.Some of them came from higher social classes as well.Usually these ships kept the plunder or shared some of it with the government that had issued the letter.These men were called “privateers,” and the most famous examples were Sir Francis Drake and Captain Henry Morgan.

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Not always: many pirates chose the life, and whenever a pirate stopped a merchant ship, it was not uncommon for a handful of merchant crewmen to join the pirates.

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