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To date, we have held two poly speed dating events in Berkeley.They have been raucous and fun, a whirlwind carnival of romance and rejection.Luke had the idea and continues to be the ringleader and main programmer, and he puts in the most effort.I helped him with the programming and I yell at people during the event to get them to do things.For poly speed dating, we had to expand on this concept.First off, the organized polyamory community in our area has a lot of queer folks.You can see my girlfriend Debby’s chronicle of her speed dating experience at the second event here, or Luke’s report of the first event here.

This is a very hard problem to solve, and cannot be done by just sitting down with a pencil and paper.My partner Jen and her boyfriend have been logistical support, registering people, doing the data entry, setting up and taking down, and so on. None of us has any prior experience holding speed dating events.The basic premise of speed dating is that many people can gauge their level of attraction to someone within the first couple minutes of meeting them.In other words, they would go around together, having dates with other singles or groups where they were both (or all) present.So, we needed to ask people if they were interested in singles versus couples/groups.

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Bisexuals make up a decent percentage of event attendance (20-50%, depending on event), and they are joined by a smattering of transgender, lesbian, and gay folks.

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