Pregnant and dating preview

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TLC makes it sound like she is totally pregnant too by the new press release they put out.Okay, first off it does look like Whitney Way Thore is pregnant.It also looks like her ex Lennie Alehat is the father of the baby. In the preview, Whitney’s dad says “You’ve broken up with Lennie, and you come home an unwed mother.” You also hear Lennie asking her to see the tests and Whitney getting upset that she doesn’t think he believes her. You must wait until the end of the entire scene before I show you what the tattoo says! OK, now on to what you really want to hear me talk about: The double creampies I take once again! This week I wanted to get my cream pies in two different positions, greatly increasing my chances of getting pregnant! First black man to drench my ovaries today is Broc. Last night my slut friend and I went and got the inside of our lips tattooed with something very very naughty. We are talkin' 20 inches combined black cock power and 4 giant black balls full of interracial baby-makin' cumshot power.

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Ice Cold's 13 inches of black cock power make Broc's 8 inches seem like just a warm-up!

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