Primate dating techniques

Some methods date the fossil itself; other methods use the surrounding matrices.

When a fossil is found, it can be dated using a variety of methods.One thing to keep in mind is that, "the fossil record is highly skewed in favor of organisms that died and were preserved in calm seas, estuaries, tidal flats, or the deep ocean floor (where there are few scavengers and little disruption of layers)" (Panell 2014: 1839). Permineralization, or petrification, is the most common process.This occurs when organic remains decay and water seeps into the remains and deposits minerals that form crystals which harden.Examples of relative dating techniques include stratigraphy, index fossil concept (biostratigraphy), and flourine dating.Stratigraphy involves mapping observable geologic strata and the artifacts (e.g., fossils) included in those layers.

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