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A creditor, a shareholder or the company itself can file a winding-up petition against the company, by appointing a solicitor.The petition must be prepared in accordance with the Companies Winding Up Rules.Companies can be liquidated either by “De-registration” or “Winding Up“.Although both the procedures will result in the dissolution of a company, the processes they entail are significantly different.The provisional liquidator must also notify the Companies Registry of his appointment within 14 days after the date of his appointment.Within 28 days of delivering the Declaration of Solvency to the Companies Registry, the directors must convene an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM).

The Declaration must be delivered to the Companies Registry within seven days after the date on which it was made.

The account must be presented at a final general meeting.

The meeting has to be called by advertising in the Gazette, one month prior to the scheduled date.

This article serves as a guide on the options available to close down a company in Hong Kong.

The most common reasons for closing a company are: The process of closing down a company is referred to as “liquidation” in common terms.

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Detailed below are the procedures involved in deregistration and winding up of a Hong Kong company.

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