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They gave us all pretty extensive and personal backstories.

There was enough to know who William is and how he was raised and what he was raised with, which is not much, and how he got to where he is now. In most situations you’re given the higher arc of the character to the finish off the story. We were told what these people or hosts were like before, and here’s what they’re experiencing now.

“I didn’t expect to play anything other than the variety of cool parts I’ve had.

To be able to try my hand at playing a real human boy was just not something I expected anyone to let me do.” Simpson spoke with about his work on HBO’s “Westworld” and this week’s episode, “Dissonance Theory.” Why is it that Jimmy appears to be more sensitive to the hosts than most of the other guests in the park are?

How tight a lid did they keep on the events that would unfold as the season progressed?

Evan and Katherine have reportedly been dating for around two months; “They’re really into each other,” a source revealed to E! “It seems like something that may last awhile.” They were also spotted holding hands at the Hammer Museum’s 12th Annual Gala at the Garden on Oct. The two began their flirtation via Twitter back in Feb. Here’s where it all started: , where she played the androgynous Shane Mc Cutcheon, a lesbian. She and Jamie first met in 2005 after they both appeared in Green Day‘s “Wake Me Up When September Ends” music video; the ended their relationship in 2006. The loves, exes and relationships of Evan Rachel Wood, listed by most recent. Who Evan Rachel Woods dated; list of Evan Rachel Woods loves, ex boyfriends; breakup rumors.The general clientele is wealthy and privileged and are used to getting what they want.The park is designed for people like that — for folks who want to go in there and tear s–t up, whereas William is brought in by his family member, his coworker, as a bit of a vetting process. He’s just there to cover himself and make sure he doesn’t do anything too sh–ty.

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Because of that, I think all the actors were giving 190%, because like William in the park, we were asked to be present, observant, understand what’s happening and work with that.

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