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If by chance my drama was too much for my friends to handle that says a lot about a friendship too. What couldn’t you put [some things] on the back burner and say my friend needs me?

So while it was going on I don’t know what she could have thought was more important than a woman whose life is changing. But while things were good, ‘we flying over here.’ We at my house free styling and profiling and you can’t be there when I’m going through it. I definitely don’t need you while I’m on the up swing.

If that is true, hopefully she'll realize more things about herself and want to change for good. I know people from NO, and everyone is not the same. I have better things to do with my time like work, go to school, take care of my child..

If she and Vivica are true friends, they'll get past the mess. Rosci is young and thought she was smart by trying to creep in and get some of ol' boy's money. The only thing I want Lisa Raye to do is to STOP wearing White all the time... LOL To The Johnson Sisters, I never post but when you start putting all women from Louisiana in a category thats when I have a problem. Have you been to Louisiana to know what the women are like? Ignorant people talk about things they know nothing about.. You need to do your research before you start stereotyping people you know nothing about!!!!!!!! If she was concerned about her image, she would have never taken those photos. Lisa got in her feelings becasue she was not invited and got a 'tude becasue she was not acknowledged. Well, the marriage is over now, and everyone will reap what they sow. I’m sure that you will.”" Please explain where does Lisa Raye say that she is going to physically harm Rocsi? half of th ppl who said that are probally not real or havent been thu the thangs she has the rightto speak her mind i totally agree w/ everything that she said ! I co-sign 100% and 2 Rocsi you know u where wrong but I think Lisa Raye better sit her ass down, she is going 2 look real stupid if Rocsi can fight.......anybody with any since know u never go after the woman her issue is with her long!

When you’re fighting the man that runs the country, that is a totally different thing. And not just from the governmental standpoint, but he also had charges for rape. My thing is that I’m waving my flag over here going okay so we agreed that we are no longer interested in being together. Many people feel that you married him for the money. The perception that they have of me — I could give less than a damn about.

Lisa has not made any significant strides in promoting a positive image for young girls and women of color, so I can understand why Oprah did not extend an invite. As for the friendship with Viv, I say leave it alone. And for everyone saying that she keep's putting Vivaca's name out there, HELLO the person interviewing her ASKED her about Vivica wow ! I love Lisa but she shouldn't waste her time on Rocsi.

As for only dating wealthy men, the men now, especially those with money, are looking for stripper types and she fits the bill. @ Erica, Lisa may want her dead and you right it's not like she can't be found on 106 every weekday, but that's a waste of time to do so, Lisa know that they will cross paths in due time. I don't go looking for anything either, but if I see u, then I'll deal with you then! Why would you want to reconnect with some one who ditches you like that? She should just move on with her life, it's not worth it. Vivica Foxx and Star Jones don't have time for foolishness they have obviously moved on.

It’s a different country and they don’t do things the same way we do things over here. The second part, which is the divorce settlement, is not.

So you better look for someone that’s going somewhere who’s trying to take you with them.

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