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I go to get the new value entered in the Qty box, and all I get is the old value. Here is the code I'm using: Protected Sub gv Cart_Row Updating(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. I've added a Command Field to handle removing items, and that all works great. Argument Exception' occurred in Additional information: Error binding to target method. Now I want to add an Edit Template to edit the quantity of items. The binding problem is with the second parameter to the event handler. Reflection; // TAKE THE FOLLOWING TWO LINES OUT TO DEPEND SOLELY ON REFLECTION using System. In the above code, initially, I used only Item Template and added Textbox in it and tried to get the value entered by user in the Item Command event. It is giving the old value I had used below code in the Itemcommand event to get the new value, but, didn't get the new value.Unfortunately, this then selected the entire text each time you changed what was in the textbox, so the next line of code set the mouse cursor at the end of the text. I probably messed something up when adding my code, but then I started clean slate again with your code and still did not work.

Text Bind Cart() End Sub ---------------------------------------- Bind Cart receives the datatable from another class, sets the datasource on the gridview and calls databind. Literally two minutes after posting this I found the solution. I am trying to use reflection to add an event handler for the Row Updated event of the Oracle Data Adapter object (ODP. Again, I am illustrating my problem here using Sql types, because not everyone has ODP.

Hi guys, me again : D I have a userform in Access which has a Save button which is disabled until all of the options within the userform have been completed.

I've used VBA to run a "summary" macro which runs whenever a test is entered to see if it is acceptable to enable the Save button yet, enabling or disabling it as required.

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e) Later on, I thought that edited values may not be available in Item Template.

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