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She tells me to keep an “open mind’’ and promises to be in touch after she has discussed my profile with her colleagues.

All the agencies I saw regulate the process carefully: I had to sign confidentiality agreements, show identification and wait while they ran checks.

Before Lemarc calls with some prospective candidates, I visit Karen Mooney, who established Sara Eden in 1988.

Its offices in London and Windsor are filled with pictures of happy couples.

He is the most attractive man so far, a former financier in his early sixties.

He is instantly engaging, and our conversation is effortless, covering everything from Yoga to families.

” was my reaction when the Telegraph asked me, as a mature woman, if I would like to check out dating agencies.

The suave Lemarc has a background in psychology, asks about my relationship history, my ideal man, my career, taste in music as well as travel and holiday preferences.Some agencies insist that you contractually agree never to sleep with anyone on a first date.Not Drawing Down the Moon, but they do suggest that first meetings should be in a hotel lounge or a café where there is sufficient privacy to talk but lots of people around.First call was Drawing Down the Moon, a respected introduction agency, where I found myself chatting to the indefatigable Mary Balfour over a cup of tea in West London.Mary runs a dating website as well as Drawing Down the Moon.

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