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Is it feasible/safe (re existing data) to move the drives from the x345 with the failing 5i to a x345 with a 6i( ) in it?Are these controllers sufficiently compatible to do that without data loss? was considering the replacement option as we have had failing controllers say disks were faulty shortly before the controller 'breathed its last' within the past 12 months and we had the spare kit "lying around", but the differing RAID controllers gave warning signs.

Controller won't erase anything unless you want to do that or you set it up so, but anyway, there is no 100% guarantee for data loss prevention. Metadata is compatible, 6i can import RAID config from 5i.The IBM Serve RAID M5014 will show up as a LSI 9260-8i. Interestingly enough, this was done using the remote KVM-over-IP and remote CD mount of a Supermicro X9SCM-F.LSI’s knowledge base says that flashing on Intel 3000, 5000 and Supermicro X9 motherboards is hard.On ebay there are tons of no-bracket M5014 part 46M0916-B2 for 0.30 with free shipping and tax in California. The card is essentially a LSI Mega RAID 9260-8i with half of the cache (256MB instead of 512MB) and no RAID 6 or RAID 60 support without the IBM M5000 feature key.For the price, that is probably the best deal around.

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