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Right before they pulled to a stop the man said to Dolly: Suddenly the man leaned over into the back seat and fired — Dolly heard Kmiec gasp, and then saw him clutch his chest.

The man fired again and Dolly jumped out of the car.

He arrived a few minutes later and introduced Dolly to the stranger — but she couldn’t recall the man’s name. Loveretovich as being approximately 45-50 years old, about 5′ 10″, with blondish brown hair.

He was wearing a tan suede jacket with knit ribbing at the collar and cuffs and tan pants.

She told the detective that she and Andy weren’t in a serious relationship, but they had been dating for about two months.

Loveretovich first asked Dolly questions to establish her relationship to the deceased.

He had first implied that he owned a pottery business in Santa Ana, then moments later said he was the plant’s supervisor.He’d known Andy for about ten months and they had been rooming together in a house on Beverly Glen for a few months prior to the murder.From his interview it was clear that Alex was the quintessential ’50s swinging bachelor. As far as she knew Andy didn’t have any enemies, despite what his killer had said about having been hired to do away with him. She said that Andy lived on Beverly Glen with a roommate, Alex Milne, and the two men appeared to get along well.

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Andy continued to plead, but the man forced him into the back seat of the Mercury at gun point.

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