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Almost everybody is on Ok Cupid, Tinder, and/or Grindr.

Observing Ok Cupid dates in the wild is practically a Cambridge-side spectator sport. Sure, there are awkward people everywhere, but in Boston, it seems like the lion’s share of the dating pool. Most Bostonian 20-somethings (and a fair number of 30-somethings) live with other people their age, so you better have that Spotify playlist on lock, and the dishes out of the sink by morning.

If you’re tired of the questions, you can just call it the rich man’s Quincy and be done with it.

It's the city-suburb compromise for Boston couples wealthy enough to have a conversation about city-suburb compromises.

Our charm comes in the form of Nor’easters, questionable accents, and a veering-on-psychotic love of sports.

So if you want to find love in Boston (like Gronk erotica-level love), persistence and creativity are key.

If you don’t actually watch your date entering info into their smart phone, don’t expect them to remember it.

It’s not enough to know you’re from Newton; people need to know what village you're from.

Did you go to Brown, Bigelow, or Day for middle school?

Maybe it’s the years of censorship and sexual repression, but Boston’s doctors, lawyers, students, programmers, and artists are steadily establishing a reputation as some of the most sexually adventurous in the country.

Growing up in the Boston suburbs fills you with certain hard-to-shake insecurities. It has a good mall, has a crappy mall, or isn’t even big enough to get a mall. So as an exercise in self-loathing, we've gathered all-stars from every corner of Eastern Mass -- graduates of Masco, Needham, Dedham, Marblehead, North Quincy, LS, CC, DS, and several other initialed high schools -- to properly evaluate their towns and surrounding 'burbs.

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  1. It could be amazing; it could be completely hellish — you won’t know until you go! It’ll cheer up your (or their) apartment, give you a visual reminder of them (assuming the date goes well), & maybe you could even go ice-skating afterwards. The Sunday New York Times crossword date Bonus: intellectual stimulation, nerd points & you get to find out how clever they really are, all in one fell swoop. Older people, I have learned, sometimes feel motion sick on swings. A drive-in movie I admit, this one seems ultra-cool to me just because I’ve never done it & I am in love with Danny Zucco from here until eternity. Plus, people will come up to you & say, “Cute dog”, & you can beam at each other like proud parents. Plus, usually in my experience, a day-glo private room & weird drinks are part of the package. Collaborative art date Get a canvas or even just a big piece of paper, some paint, pencils or pastels, & go nuts.

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