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Just they brought up the " Christian" way and in my opinion they weren't being very " Christian" in the way they were judging my bf and I.I also want to say I have about 3-4 friends that know about my bf and they support me.In fact they were the exact opposite of all the stereotypes... I actually worked with him 15 years before, but really never knew him that well back than.Take people at face value, if a person is unwilling to do that then they are unwilling to do the same in many other situations and you might find they are not the kind of person you want to be with anyway. We never hung out and weren't friends or anything, just we remember each other from back than.

amen to that life i think it's stupid how they judge us for the crime and not for who we are as a person yes there are those who deserve being on the registery for what they did and then there are those who don't because of one stupid mistake they make in there pass,on paper it says im a sex offender but do you always belive what is written on paper or do you belive what the person tells you them selfs,it could say on a piece of paper i am the president of the untied states but would you belive it unless i told you in person and show you proof that i was the president then you would belive me i got some bad news for you life his 10 years will not start until after probation i learned this the hard way i think it's stupid how they wait tell you get off probation to make you start the 10 years if i would to of started it on probation i would be nearing the end and off it in a year or so Yeah really messed up how it is.

I feel like our relationship is in limbo and it might come down to me making a choice between him and a career.

How does everybody else work, and live in the "world" without your employers finding is it handled when they do find out?

So I am wondering if he gets of the registry after 10 years starting when he is on parole or after he is off parole? If it is after he gets off parole, he is going to be on the registry for a very very long time! When we met 4 years ago, he was just finishing up his 7 years of probation when he got a call from his PO telling him he had to register.

I think we were only dating for a month the first time he registered.

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It would be very helpful is a teacher or a person who deals with kids or works with the state or has a high professional job answers...

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