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If we continue to treat it with contempt, we will make trouble where no trouble was, and live to regret it. If you are considering moving to Spain or are soon to depart, you can find helpful information and advice in the Expat Briefing dedicated Spain section including; details of immigration and visas, Spanish forums, Spanish event listings and service providers in Spain.No British prime minister will sacrifice London for Vilnius.the danger is that irresponsible, demagogic governments in these states (not impossible to imagine) might that the pledge is genuine, and act accordingly -as Poland acted in 1939, after the worthless, empty, lying Anglo-French guarantee.No US President will actually sacrifice Chicago for Bucharest or Riga or even Warsaw.No French president will sacrifice Paris for Tallinn.Then, its famous Article Five was entirely believable.It was guaranteed by large US, German and British forces stationed permanently in the path of any further Western advance, crucially backed up by a clear threat of nuclear war (renewed and restated by the arrival of cruise missiles at Greenham Common and RAF Molesworth).

Who knows when there might be a resurgence of Habsburg power?

These forces were dismantled after 1989 because there was clearly no more need for them. Although NATO no longer had any serious forces, it became noisier and noisier, in the way of empty vessels, and accrued more and more members.

But, while it was easy to disband one of the biggest armies ever assembled on earth, it proved much harder to get rid of a few hundred bureaucrats in Zaventem, in the suburbs of Brussels. I will be turning in a future blog to Peter Conradi’s interesting new book ‘Who Lost Russia?

I am (as anyone who covered the fall of the USSR must be) sympathetic to the nations and people who emerged blinking from the Soviet prison-house after 19.

For many months of 1991 I actually hated the company of Russians because of what I had seen the Soviet Army do in Vilnius.

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