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If aviation is part of your life then Love Air is your pilot dating site.

We're here for the pilots, air crew, private aviators, airline staff, air traffic controllers, and anyone who enjoys the sites and sounds of the world of aviation.

Это устройство автоматической защиты бытовой техники (холодильник, стиральная машина, кухонные процессоры и т.п.) с микропроцессорным управлением и набором дополнительных функций.

Модель обладает защитой от импульсных помех и грозового разряда, качественным емкостным фильтром высокочастотных помех, а так же имеет защиту от тока короткого замыкания.

Many business jet owners will argue that single-pilot flying is safe, but no sane person would say it is 100 percent as safe as with a well-trained crew of two professional pilots.

That rule remained in force until 1977 when Cessna won approval for single-pilot operation of its new Citation I-SP, and now many models of business jets are approved for single-pilot operation.

Most business jets are certified in the transport category because they have maximum certified takeoff weights greater than 12,500 pounds, the demarcation between large and small aircraft.

Single-pilot operation is all about flexibility and convenience.

There is some cost to be saved by not hiring a copilot, but that's not a big issue.

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