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Input can be an instance of Date object or unix timestamp in seconds.Accepts an optional second parameter, object with configuration options.In such case call .render() - this is exactly the same function which .init() uses internally to update everything. Input can be an instance of Date object or unix timestamp in one of the oldest & still very popular Belgium dating sites.Free contact and dating site Thousands of members have registered so what are you waiting for.It's easy to meet new friends, a new love, your soulmate, a partner for travel, a partner to go dancing,...Lots of single men & single women looking for a soulmate in any province of Belgium.Meet people, make new friends, browse thousands of personals & singles profiles of men looking for women or women looking for men in any region of Belgium.

If you update your page contents dynamically with Java Script, you may want to update datetime strings right after you updated date tags on the page.

Allegro vzw is the Flemish (Belgian) foundation that represents a great number of non-commercial singleclubs and other organisations for singles in Belgium.

The website consists among other things out of information on the represented organisations and the way to contact them.

For example, if you'd like to render a particular tag in "date" mode with full month names: Note: all options can be overridden except the following: tag Name, class Name, update Interval. Configuration options can also be overridden in smartdate.format() and smartdate.tag(), as described below.

Smartdate performs date formatting by calling function with mode name in smartdate.locale[' You can use this behaviour to create your own formatting functions or to overwrite built-in ones.

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