Spanish dating and courtship

A Tuscan youth visits his innamorata on feast days, bringing as an offering a carnation or a rose.When poetically inclined he also composes verses in her praise.

Saturday is indeed an exception to this rule, but then it is reserved for widows.Just as among old-fashioned folk in England at the beginning of the century it was thought incorrect for a betrothed girl to visit her future husband's house, so the young Tuscan peasant of our day is ordered, as she values her reputation, never to approach her lover's dwelling, and even in her walks to avoid it.A valuer has meanwhile drawn up an inventory of the bride's belongings, and this paper is delivered to the capoccio of the bridegroom's house.If, on the other hand, all goes well, the young man, his parents and relatives, visit the girl's father and make a formal demand for her hand in marriage.A day or two later the betrothal is celebrated, when the lover presents his mistress with a wedding and other rings, which must all be returned should the lady prove fickle. Horatio Brown I says that in the province of Udine a jilt must present her former fiance with a pair of shoes, as compensation for the time he has wasted in fruitless courtship.

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In due time the house-father (capoccio), who rules the bridegroom's family, demands the girl's hand for his kinsman, and a feast celebrates the conclusion of the business.

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