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Thus, at any given time during this long geological interval the ocean contained a unique ratio of the two strontium isotopes.When an animal incorporates strontium into its shell, the ratio of the two isotopes at that moment is preserved, or recorded, like an indelible time stamp.As it happens, there is evidence even from radioisotope systems themselves that the assumption needs investigating.The argument is a little complicated, but only a little.What the decreasing spread in values seems principally to be reflecting is a universal slowing down in rates of radioactive decay.Michael O’Leary dons a Tyvek suit before entering the clean room.

This figure being correct, the Sr ratio should be constant across the globe whatever time horizon is sampled.

The processes that actually produced the rocks suggest ages in the thousands or tens of thousands of years.

It is this evidence, not assumptions of physics at one remove from the primary evidence, that should govern concepts of time. Questioning the radiometric dating system is taboo.

The clean room is constructed virtually free of any metal fixtures, which could also contaminate samples.

The team takes the solution of pure strontium, contained in a few drops of liquid, and paints it onto a small coil of wire that they bring to an adjoining laboratory.

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