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The exact date is not known with certainty, but the prison is mentioned in an 1899 map of the city, thus providing a terminus ante quem for the change.

This conversion entailed the removal of all previous buildings in the fort's interior, of which no trace now survives.

), modern Eptapyrgio (Επταπύργιο), also popularly known by its Ottoman Turkish name Yedi Kule (Γεντί Κουλέ), is a Byzantine and Ottoman-era fortress situated on the north-eastern corner of the acropolis of Thessaloniki in Greece.

Despite its name, which in both languages means "Fortress of Seven Towers", it features ten, and was probably named after the Yedikule Fortress in Constantinople (modern Istanbul, Turkey).

A cheerful and vibrant city in the northern part of Greece, Thessaloniki features numerous wonderful buildings, squares, churches and narrow streets.

The city was founded in 315 BC and still boasts impressive, centuries-old architecture today.

The Heptapyrgion is located in the north-eastern corner of the city's acropolis.

The southern five towers and wall were built likely in the 12th century, thus forming a fortified redoubt in the interior of the city's citadel.

Chalcidice boasts wonderful large and smaller sweeps of sand, bays and coves, backed by high and low hills dotted with pine trees and olive groves stretching out to the sea. This blend of cultures has of course influenced the Thessaloniki cuisine.

Excellent wines, delicious seafood, bakery specialities and so much more.

Today you can go there to explore and relive the history of the city. This list of promotions is updated frequently (the time of update is displayed hereunder, next to "Last modified").

Get to the top of the tower and enjoy a beautiful view of the entire city. Over the centuries, Thessaloniki has been the home of Greeks, Romans, Ottomans, Europeans and many other cultures. There is only a limited number of seats available at the promotional rate.

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