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In the correction, we mention the number that escaped, we assume the stages of these three based on what we have collected, but refrained from depicting them in the graph (Fig.

2) because their contribution to the overall pattern determination is negligible.

Torrent files are part of a P2P (peer to peer) trading system that make transferring files from one person to another on the Internet very easy, quick, and effective.

Here, using ecological methods, niche modeling and DNA-barcoding, we aim to understand the ecology, natural history and distribution of this rare toad.

Following heavy rain they form large (N = 388) but patchy mating congregations in torrential streams (six sites; range 0−95 mating pairs; mean = 25, SD = 38.16, CV = 152%).

Amplexed pairs swim synchronously, enabling them to traverse fast currents.

Torrents allow downloading a single file in many different pieces each residing on one user’s computer or a server connected to the internet.

To finish the download the torrent client puts these pieces together into a complete file.

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