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A SRAM Apex Kit should cost around 00 dollars, including new basic wheels, and current standard wide range gearing.

But if you want to keep the original wheels, you will be very limited in how far you can change things.

The bike I use out of my stable of 5 road bikes & 1 recumbent tricycle for touring (mostly 5 day trips) is a rebuilt 1975 Raleigh super course. Harris Cyclery (which is for me a local shop) still lists on their website a few freewheels.

This came as a 10 gear bicycle which I immediately put on a triple crank. 16 years ago when Shimano cluster cogs were on their way out I bought enough in the proper tooth sizes to last me 20-30 years (chainrings are still available) so I can not really advise what to do. My tricycle is my only pedal powered vehicle that is completely up to date with 9 speed cluster & hyperglide. With indexed handlebar end controls I feel I have the best system, brifters are expensive & not necessary.

So now, I have a nice, smooth-riding vintage steel-framed bike.

The old song goes "the best things in life are free".. I have had two bikes which I found in the dumpster (rubbish bin here in Australia).

(Keep any oil/wax off the wheel rims.) Restoring the bike is a great way understand the bike.

if they just turn a couple times after you roll them with your hand.

I didn't buy another one until my wife got me involved riding with her. He's had it in a storage unit for at least fifteen years, though possibly more. Another option is to just keep the ones you have (friction shifters) and feel the gears changing. Changing your chain requires changing your derailleurs, both of them, preferably, although you might get away with leaving the front derailleur.If you spend the money to go that far, a whole new bike kit, which should be possible to make work on the frame, isn't that different in price, depending on your choices.Will it be hard to find a 7 speed cluster and chain that will fit? But you will have to change the freewheel, chain, chainrings (most likely), and at least the rear derailleur, if you want it to shift cleanly.Quite possibly the front derailleur as well, since it will be a wider spacing than a seven speed requires, and will allow the chain to overshift in both directions.

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