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We can then re-roll a maintenance release of the software rather than requiring a whole-version update.

CVS can assist in applying a patch (in this case, a bugfix) from one branch to another, as we'll see, and the results are surprisingly useful.

However, it is not a panacea: patches may not apply cleanly without some human intervention, and the usual pre-release testing cycle should be completed.

As an alternative motivation, consider the use of CVS amongst a team of developers.

As the constraints on a team-friendly commit go up, the granularity of commits will correspondingly tend to come down.All CVS operation should take place in parallel with development mailing list traffic.a directory, it essentially appears "throughout time" in the CVS module. When it is added, and every time a modification is checked in, a change record is associated with the file.Care is needed, however: although it is technically possible to recover a complex map of branches using There are at least two scenarios where branches may be appropriate.In the first case, a branch may have quite a long lifetime.

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In the latter, a branch comes into existence briefly and is abandoned once it has served its purpose.

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