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If it has, then Win9X presumably is allowed to write and update any changes in resource settings in the 4K block in the writeable portion of the bios. On Tue, GMT, [email protected](Norbert I see that quite a bit with modems, for some reason, but from day 1.

Install the modem - actual methodology doesn't always matter - and on every startup or Pn P search it sees it and wants to install it again.

As long as Windows doesn't come up with "New Hardware" then nothing really new was reported. Norbert (ESCD) A four-kilobyte area of memory in MS-DOS(? This area is used as NVRAM for PNP BIOS and PNP OS.

However, there are operating systems that rely a lot more on stable hardware. Try to get an update for your BIOS and read how to apply it. Intel's ICU also uses ESCD to store information for PNP ISA cards and legacy ISA cards.

I haven't done anything in the bios settings either, suddenly I just got the "updating escd...success" command each time I start up the computer...

----------------------------------------------------- No, it is by no means "normal". It's not normal for me, and there are OS'es that don't like an ESCD update. This area is used as NVRAM for PNP BIOS and PNP OS. That is why it is normal that it is "updated", even if NO changes are made. ESCD data can be stored in a disk file or non-volatile memory.

There are generally 3 types of Pn P manager: 1) Pn P BIOS 2) Pn P OS 3) Add-on Pn P manager When there are two different Pn P managers involved (Pn P BIOS and Pn P OS), and they store thier data slightly differently, then the one may compare hardware with the settings stored by the other and see the difference as a "hardware change" and set about "correcting" it.

This is why one sees Pn P update wars, where ESCD gets updated on *every* boot and is sometimes a reason why Win9x may see "new hardware" on every boot.

Question number B: Once I've written the ESCD, I still have to manually change the Reserved Resources from Device Manager.

Are there DLL functions to set Reserved Resources or to load the info from the ESCD? Updating ESCD/NVRAM on Win95 system Question number A: My company works with legacy ISA cards which use a block of system memory.

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