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The ) because the counts of both collections are the same.

I opted for the local variable to make the code easier to read.

Unfortunately, developers who use nested tables typically design table view columns with an internal ordering scheme.

SELECT column_value BULK COLLECT INTO lv_element_collection FROM TABLE(old_element_collection) ORDER BY column_value; RETURN lv_element_collection; END sort_collection; / The funny thing about database solutions these days is that some Java developers don’t appreciate the simplicity of SQL and PL/SQL and would solve the problem with Java.

Especially, if it was an case insensitive sort operation.

All that aside, here’s how you ensure element updates while preserving element position: CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION update_collection ( old_element_collection STREET_LIST , old_element_value VARCHAR2 , new_element_value VARCHAR2 ) RETURN STREET_LIST IS -- Declare and initial a new counter.

lv_counter NUMBER := 1; -- Declare local return collection variable.

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A table view column is an Oracle specific user-defined type (UDT), and is nested table or varray of a scalar data type.

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