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The aforementioned blog post, now more than 10 years stale and which has since been taken down, holds the same sexist significance today as it did then.In what other industry could an employee’s underperformance be blamed on his significant other?Aaron Rodgers scores major "Awwww" points with us for these comments. ESPN Wisconsin radio asked Rodgers in an interview posted online on Friday, June 13, if he was bothered by the PDA photos and the subsequent attention and scrutiny."No," he replied. And, that you cannot, when you've had success individually and collectively as a team and you are highlighted for the things you've done on the field and off the field, you cannot hide from the spotlight. News that Munn and Rodgers were spotted in Green Bay a few weeks ago, going to the movies and getting lunch. However, she was asked to define "love" in a video interview with that was posted on Wednesday."What is love?The 30-year-old NFL star has finally opened up about his new relationship with Olivia Munn, saying he's "real happy."Both the notably private Green Bay Packers quarterback and the 33-year-old star, who plays sassy financial news anchor Sloan Sabbith on The two reportedly met at the Academy of Country Music Awards in April (see photo, above). Ha, that's a huge, loaded question that I do not know the answer to," she said.

All victims of undeserved blame for a poor sports outcome. Falcons: Picks, predictions, odds Ciara fell prey to the sexism that pervades today’s football media culture within minutes of the Seahawks’ crippling playoff loss to the Falcons last weekend.The popular actress could have spent this past Christmas filming a new movie, promoting her current film, "Office Christmas Party," or working on another endeavor in furtherance of her career.Instead, she spent the holiday in Green Bay cheering on her man, who torched the Vikings’ defense for 38 points. Maybe it's a coincidence that ever since Munn publicly praised Rodgers and their traditions shortly before the start of Week 12, the Packers have been riding high on an eight-game win streak.Maybe the love and support Munn provides to Rodgers has partially led to his success. Because football media culture precludes us from eulogizing the woman behind the signal caller.And instead, if the Packers do fall before securing another Lombardi Trophy in the next few weeks, you can be sure the internet trolls will berate Munn. Because just like Munn won't ever knock down a Hail Mary in the end zone, she won't catch it either.

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