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Angie Harmon plays detective Jane Rizzoli on the hit TNT show "Rizzoli & Isles." The Dallas native and former model, who got her break in ‘Baywatch Nights,’ is happily married to ex-NFL player Jason Sehorn, the mother of three girls, and a proud Republican.Harmon spoke to Fox411about her uncanny resemblance to Ali Mc Graw, being a working mom and the parties she would throw in the White House if she was the first lady!I can only say thank you so much because she is such a beautiful lady and not just physically. QA: Carrie Fisher Says Electric Shock Therapy Saved Her Life, Opens Up About Famous Pop FOX411: Does Jason ever worry he’s turning into a nine year old girl? He probably likes ‘Cars’ best and ‘Despicable Me’ comes in a close second, because there’s three in that one and those three are very close to how ours are, so we always have a good laugh about that.

According to one of the rumor, it was stated that Jason wanted to marry someone who did not have a great career and picked Angie.One of the rumors was that she is having a very tight schedule and he was almost like a househusband. It was said that he was forced to take care of his daughters just because Angie was on the sets. Though Angie thought it was cute, Jason was not happy about his life.But, Angie said that, marital relationships have a lot of things that has to be worked out.Angie Harmon just snagged a long-term protective order for her family ... she didn't include Jason because he's never at the L. well, everyone except her husband, ex-NFL star Jason Sehorn. Janice Lee Davis posed a significant threat to her and her family to warrant an order keeping her at a distance ... The order covers her, her 3 kids, a nanny and a family friend who lives at the home ...

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FOX411: Were you worried about taking another role in the law enforcement area?

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