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If you are on a tight budget like me then you really need to try this, I've tried nearly all mua cheap foundations with good reviews and this is my favourite so far. Covered my blemishes easily and stayed on all day without caking or coming off.I'll update how long it stays on later x Edit: this is now my second day, it stayed on all day yesterday looking fresh all day long. Another thing I've noticed is that my skin doesn't look red and irritated when I take this off like all other foundations I've had in the past. Perfect makeup is to have perfect skin but natural! Spreads easily, covered little imperfections but was natural. I had to use a bit of powder throughout the day to eliminate shininess but I have to do that with almost all foundations anyway so it was not a big deal.But beauty is as varied and unique as flowers—a violet is just as pretty as a rose—so let your inner flower power shine!Make-up artist Carmindy, of TLC’s What Not to Wear fame, has released an i Phone app for those who want carry a bit of the make-up guru around with them at all times.Here is a video demo of the Carmindy app on the i Phone Looking for the best i Phone, i Pad & i Pod touch apps?

I got this from e Bay for £5 in shade ecru beige which is perfect for my pale skin, usually I'm always the palest shade in foundations so I'm glad I didn't go for the porcelain, its a great natural/neutral shade which looks good in all lighting.

After fours hours my skin started to look exceptionally greasy, even the dry patches on my skin. I wish I knew of another product with the same properties.

Also this foundation started to oxidize into an orange hue and become blotchy on my skin. I guess I'll just keep searching for a stockpile of it somewhere.

Since they are relatively simple, they should be easy enough to master, thereby rendering the app pretty much useless.

As such, I really hope this app gets updates frequently enough to justify the .99 price tag.

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Otherwise, you could probably pick up these techniques elsewhere–Youtube, for instance, has an extremely healthy make-up tutorial culture.

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