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Limbaugh is intoxicated by words, especially those from his own mouth.

His vocabulary is extensive and his diction grandiose.

His massive ego needed no coaching, it grew as immerse as his girth. He tried various broadcasting jobs and after being fired a few times, dropped out of radio to go into sales.Probably the best examples of the kinds of deceit that Rush uses are listed in a book called "The Way Things Aren't: Rush Limbaugh's Reign of Error" written by the organization FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting).This book lists over 100 statements that Rush has made either on the air or in print and shows how Rush mis-stated the facts or just plain invented so-called facts to support his views.His nervous energy plays out through his hands, which are seldom still and he obviously loves his work.On 9/14/1992, his TV show made a debut and by the middle of January 1993, he was seen on 206 stations in 98% of the country. A., damaging Clinton's crime bill, destroying his lobbying bill, and sweeping the Republicans to congressional victory in 1994.

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A pudgy loner as a kid, he did not have the popularity he longed for and was drawn to radio broadcast rather than law, for its broader audience. After five years, he tried once more to break into radio with a news-reading job in Kansas City.

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