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I felt so helpless when I was thinking so much about the climate change, at the same time working for the magazines.And everyone was obsessed with the Sex and the City which was the big thing, women drinking Cosmopolitans, obsessed with shoes…

What prompted your move away from fashion and celebrity photography?

Этот клип был удостоен премии MTV Europe Music Awards как «Лучшее видео года» в 2000 году.

Bizarre and decadent, yet pompous and glamorous, apocalyptic and futuristic yet visionary and enlightened, David La Chapelle’s hyper-real and cleverly subversive photographs, in which the borderlines between fantasy and reality get blurred, are a humorous ode to both life and death.

The very last series I have done was about the hurricanes with girls posing in front of the destroyed houses.

They were taken in June, before Katrina hit, and were about to be published in Time and Vogue.

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