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EZFishing Feeding and Weather Weekly forecasts mashes up daily fish feeding predictions and weather forecasts, at any location in United States.For each day the forecast provides information about Feeding Prediction & Times, Weather Forecasts as well as Moon and Sun Statistics.Based on these observation, Knight was also able to find a way to predict which days in a month are potentially the best fishing days.The influence of Sun and Moon on fish feeding periods changes during the course of the year and each lunar month.

During Major Feeding times the influence of Moon and Sun is greater, therefore fish are more active.The most influence happens when Sun and Moon are closer to Earth and, during each day, when their gravitational pull is in sync.Therefore, certain days in a month are potentially better than others to go fishing.The purpose of the festival is to provide an opportunity for area civic organizations to raise money they use to support their individual missions.The civic organizations supported by Port Fish Day are: • VFW Post #7588 • Port Washington Yacht Club • Port Washington Rotary Club • Port Washington Kiwanis Club • Port Washington Lions Club • St.

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Knight was also author of various books on the solunar theory and fishing. If you are interested, here is a list of John Alden Knight's titles. In fact, barometric fluctuactions - especially if the trend is down - can negatively affect fishing.

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